Covers of potatoes for ordinary face


Potatoes cover. Potato mealy (1-2 tablespoons) mix with 2 tablespoons of 5% hydrogen peroxide. Gravity immediately after mixing apply on skin. When it dries (20-25 minutes), rinse with heartwarming water, acidified with grapefruit juice (1 teaspoon per cup of aqua).

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Yeast mask for young face


Yeast mask with orange breeding juice. I soup spoon of baking yeast dissolve in a mixture of orange nectar boiled or rose water (1:1) to the consistency of thick serum. Use on facial skin for 15-20 min.

Yeast mask with natural honey. Combine 1/2 sticks of yeast with 1 teaspoonful of honey and a like capacity of tomato juice to get a gentle mass. Leave it to ferment in a hot place. When the mass increase in the amount of 2-f 3 minutes, put on face for Thirty minutes. Read more -->

Recipes scrub of coffee grounds


Recipe number 1

This recipe is designed to be able to use it for people with a type of skin. In order to prepare a universal remedy, apply 2 tbsp. Of coffee grounds are small. Next to them add two soup spoon of corn flakes, previously finely ground in a limited fixture. If a surface of the skin is varied dry, you can add 1 spoon of sour cream item. If a face is young on a contrary, it is best to use one spoonful of natural yoghurt, which will not possess a additives.

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The apply of castor oil for a facial skin (mask)


For leaving of a skin is not recommended. But adding a few drops of oil in the normal fluid or a especial cleansing milk, as a effect you can get excellent soothing and moisturizing agent. Will be sufficient to enrich the special application of the serum by adding a few drops of butter - you will feel quite a serious difference and get a quick capacity.

Peach, olive and almond butter. And get similar affinity of sea buckthorn butter and rosehip.

In complete analogy with the butter fluid used to the face of 2 to 3 times per day. It need be noted that the mixture may be successfully used for a maintenance of the skin around a eye cover.

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Yeast cover for rule face


Yeast cover. Mix up 1/2 sticks of yeast with 1 tsp. Of natural honey and the like quantity of ripe tomato breeding juice to get a mild gravity. Leave it to ferment in a soft put. When the mass increase in the amount of 2-3 times, put on a face for Thirty minutes. If it dries out during this time, wet the top with aqua or nectar.

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