Almond butter for face and its treatment


Every girl is always, regardless of age, wants to look prettily. Many thanks to genetic characteristics can demonstrate excellent externality at the age without the apply of cosmetics. Others are constantly fighting for the health of a facial skin and extremely upset when skin wrinkles appear on the face.

Medium banana is a natural substitute for Botox injections. He is intensely anti-skin wrinkle and also moisturizes your facial skin. There are three versions of a big banana covers:

Option 1. A quarter cup of yoghurt mass assorted with a little honey and a big banana. There also want to make a small amount of almond butter for a face. Use the mixing on a face and washing off after fifteen minutes. Earlier you use a cover to the facial skin, after his demands thoroughly. For that, you need just bath it with soft soapy water.

Variant 2. Ripe big banana mash. How a diluent may take almond oil for a facial skin. So spread is cleansed face and neck skin. Washing off the summer with water in ten min.

Version 3. Cut ripe banana and append a some rose h2o. For 0.5 an hour a cover is applied to polish face. So you can smear a facial skin with almond oil.

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