Masks of flaxseed butter for dry facial skin


Dry facial skin. In home care for facial skin flax seed butter may be used so a standalone tool or so an additional component in the different hydrating cover and face serum.

Linen myaska. 2 soup spoon of flax seed pour 2 cups of "aqua and make until mushy state. Resulting gravity in hot (done a layer of gauze), use on face and neck for 20 min. Rinse with soft h2o, then rinse with cold water. When enlarged vessels impose a cool cover and bath well with coldness water.

Linen mask for sensitive skin. Mix equal parts of crushed flaxseed mealy and water to swell, and then thickly greased skin with this mixing. Hold Thirty minutes, Thoroughly wash off a mask with warm water.

Softening linen mask rough skin. In a glass of water to boil 3 soup spoon of flaxseed to produce a gelatinous pulp. Following it has cooled, throw in 1/2 teaspoonful honey and 1 teaspoon of olive butter, almond oil or boiled in a steam bath for other veggie oils. Use cover to skin and neck, cover with plastic wrap and a wiper for a detention of warmth. After 15-20 min, Thoroughly wash a skin and neck skin with warm water and rinse with coldness water.

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