Applications home masks for fase scrub


As you know, there are procedures that are good applied in a afternoon, and any - in the evening, earlier bedtime. Exfoliation is the process that is best used earlier bedtime. Use the item to peel on a face and in a few minutes massaging the face with your fingers under the massotherapy lines. Be careful around the eyes clean face scrub can not! Upon completion of a recommended sluice off with heartwarming water and a means to apply a nourishing serum.

Watch the behavior of skin following peeling process, if a facial skin speedily calmed down and there is no redness, likely made in home scrub for the skin of the facial skin. But if you notice that a redness does not go in for long periods of time, feel that the skin is irritated, then in that case you perfect replace agent.

To apply a scrub for the feet and hands are slightly varied rules. Better to do peeling later bath when the facial skin to steam. Also, do not forget to do sure that the behavior of the skin later the process. This is highly significant and you claim to pay more note to this. Following a process, polish the skin of arms and legs do not forget to apply sedatives however nutritious milk or cream.

Frequency of facial scrub should not exceed 1-2 times a week. Should be especially vigilant with dry skin that is prone to irritation, and in this case, a maximum of once per week required to resort to peeling.

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