Masks of blackheads at home


Quite a common problem affecting contemporary girls are black dots. A common but incorrect judgment is that the appearance is associated with the menopause.

Most frequently, women suffer a similar issue with oily skin. With insufficient and improper service of it then clogged oil glands, dust, exfoliated cells, excess sebum. Affected area captures the nose, forehead and chin.

Helpful protein is one raw eggs and ten g of sugar. A ingredients blend until saccharose is dissolved. Cause of the mix on the facial skin, a rest - after drying cover on his skin. Eggs whites simply pulls a dirt out of enlarged pores.

Following the masks of blackheads at home, you can use detergent scrub, home-cooked. You will demand to blend rice, coffee grounds (a teaspoonful). Apply on question areas, promassirovat for several minutes and rinse with water.

A good home has a peeling effect scrub of rice. To prepare a scrub will pour stewing aqua over thirty g of rice, previously water-washed in coldness water. Leave overnight. First stretch rice until gentle homogenous. The tool is ready for apply.

If there are no contraindications, It is possible to combine steaming and masks. This approach simultaneously opens a pores and cleans them.

If the skin is young, such masks the black dots are prepared on the basis of yoghurt.

If the skin is very dry, it will help a lemon fresh juice, assorted with organic grape juice. This mask should not bath for twenty-5 min and.

If you really have nothing to do, how soon so combat damn points on a facial skin, you'll be able to make a miracle face lotion leaves a big aloe. To do this, mash with a spoon a three - four small leaf aloe, in a resulting slurry append a cup of cold water. Let stand for one hour. A mix was boiled for 5 minutes. Later cooling lotion is ready for use.

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