Covers of potatoes for very dry skin


Formula number 1

This skin mask of potatoes is very easy to make, but at the same time has a positive effect on a face of a type. You will should a small potatoes, which want be rubbed on a beautiful terke. Mozhno simply cut into thin slices and apply on skin. A resulting facial skin cover murphy applied to the face for 15-20 minutes, later that time, remove a facial skin cover of a potatoes with a cotton swab and wash with soft water. Of the Masks for fase potatoes necessarily use nourishing cream.

Recipe number 2

This facial skin cover of potatoes is perfect for very very dry irritated skin. Face mask rightly nourishes and moisturizes a skin. To prepare a cover you will wish:

- One little potatoes;

- Cream (can substitute milk)

- Olive oil (It is possible to substitute a simple oil)

However, little potatoes seethe similar potatoes in the skins, then peel and mash into a puree. In the resulting mash add the one teaspoon of fluid (or one tablespoon of whole natural milk) and a teaspoonful of olive butter. Had a warm face mask of potatoes put on the face for 15-20 min and then sluice with hot aqua, not forgetting to apply a nourishing cream.

Potatoes refreshing cover for aging skin. Boiled potatoes in a skins clean, stretch, dobavit1 2 spoon hot milk and one boiled egg. Mashed potatoes in a shape of heating applied to the facial skin and neck skin, covered heat towel. After 20 min, wash off the mask with hot, so coldness water.

Murphy mask for sensitive facial skin. Mashed potatoes assorted with hot milk and a butter or butter (you can append a yolk). A mixture was applied to a face in a configuration of heating for 10-15 minutes, so rinse with hot water.

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