Recipes scrub of coffee grounds


Recipe number 1

This recipe is designed to be able to use it for people with the type of face. In order to prepare a universal remedy, apply 2 tbsp. Of coffee grounds are little. Following to them throw in 2 spoon of corn flakes, previously finely ground in a exceptional fixture. If a surface of a skin is various dry, It is possible to add 1 spoon of sour cream product. If a face is combination on the contrary, it is good to apply one spoon of organic yoghurt, which will not have any additives.

The resulting mixing is used to a facial skin then softly produce a gentle massotherapy. After a some min remove the cover with soft aqua. The face is polish and shine.

Formula number 2

This formula is used for young skin types. To do a mask is to mix 2 tbsp. Of yoghurt and a teaspoonful of lemon breeding juice. Obtained by means of massaging the face for several min. This scrub of coffee grounds, do not use more than 1 time in 1.5 week.

Formula № 3

This recipe is to be used for dry face type. For the purpose of manufacturing is to use one part coffee grounds and 2 of curds products. If you used the cheese, or its quality does not cause you a doubt, such a mask can be used to apply it on sensitive face.

Recipe № 4

This recipe is versatile and it is ideal to apply it for the aging body. To prepare these scrubs of coffee grounds, use of coffee, which may be added to the gel used for washing, which is used special.

Recipe № 5

This recipe is used to scrub in order to fight cellulite. A basis of such a scrub of sea salt and coffee grounds. In ordering to make a resulting scrub a desired consistency, add a spoonful of sour serum, if it's very dry face. If the facial skin is dry, you possess to add to milk yoghurt. Then the face in the form of steaming want to massotherapy a data scrub. And good to do it in the bath when the pores are all open. We must not overdo it, so you do not injure the skin. Enough to massotherapy 51-12 min.

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