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Masks of natural honey for every skin


Honey and curd cover chuvstaggelnoy skin. 1 tsp. Of curd mash with a spoon with a same capacity of fluent honey and add to 2 tsp. Of grape juice. Mixture thickly greased face and following 10-15 minutes umpsya cold-blooded aqua.

Natural honey Cover with persimmon for aging flabby facial skin. Mix 1 tsp. Read more -->

Covers of potatoes for any facial skin


Murphy cover dries. 2.1 Seethe potato tuber in a uniform, clean, combine with 2-3 spoon of corn. The mixing was applied to the facial skin and to hold 15 - 20 min, covered with a linen napkin. Then rinse with soft water.

Mask of potatoes. Murphy floury (1-2 tbsp.) mixed with 2 tablespoons of 5% hydrogen peroxide. Gravity immediately after mixing use on face. Read more -->

Almond cover with boiled egg.


Confection almond kernels mash in a coffee grinder or mash in a porcelain mortar. By 1 tsp. Crushed almonds add 1 tsp. Vegetable oil or sour fluid and 1 tsp. Of the yolk. All good and apply on skin and neck skin for 20-30 minutes.

Almond mask with grapefruit. Read more -->

Face covers


Mask for dry and flaky face - Dry face in type code is the aging, this type of facial skin is characterized by early appearance of wrinkles, dryness. With regular care of dry facial skin, you can have rid of these unpleasant symptoms, it is desirable to fill with service with an early age, it will show the best effect with a apply of homemade cosmetics.

Cover for dry and question skin - Thanks to all of our recipes contain ingredients readily available, It is possible to easily take care of female face at home. A chief purpose slightly dry, clean and whiten the facial skin, thus removing excess fat. To learn a small more size a masks for combination facial skin

People's makeup for dry skin - To care for this type of skin will have a some more service, because it combines the two types of skin: oily and very dry. But dare to please you, that there are a lot of masks for skin covers that are suitable to both types of skin, however you may be applied to the entire area of??a face at a like time.

Pimples on a facial skin - one of a worst kinds of face irritation. Acne may be caused by a lot of factors, which is pretty easy to define. Read more -->

Masks for any skin


In this article I will tell you everything we know some combination face and what mask for dry skin is good applied. An important aspect in the care of any skin is its making earlier applying cosmetic masks. Will also discuss variant methods of upkeep at home for young facial skin than face masks.

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Natural honey Cover for Dry Facial skin


Facial masks of natural honey in the summer, natural honey forms thin film that prevents evaporation.

A cover of honey. Blend 2 teaspoon of honey, 1 tablespoon strong brewed green tea (one tsp. Of tea brewed in a quarter cup of boiling water, leave for 30 - 40 min, drain), 2 soup spoon of rice and 1-2 soup spoon of water. A resulting weight is goodness rub and warmed in a water bath. Use to face with a thick layer, cover with a paper jack-towel and a towel. After 15-20 min, rinse with cool water.

A mask of honey for sluggish skin. Read more -->

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