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Treatments for dry skin.


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Covers of honey for every facial skin


Natural honey and curd cover chuvstaggelnoy facial skin. 1 teaspoonful of curd mash with a fork with the same amount of liquidity natural honey and throw in 2 tsp of grape extract. Mix thickly greased facial skin and after 10-15 minutes umpsya cold water.

Honey Mask with persimmon for aging flabby facial skin. Blend 1 tsp. Of persimmon extract with 1 tablespoon honey, 1 boiled egg and 1 tablespoon of the oil. To add to to the density of a mixing a little potato floury (starch). Read more -->

Covers of lime for all facial skin types


Mask of linden blossom. 1 tablespoon crushed lime flowers pour 1/2 cup of hot water and simmer until a thick gravity. For oily face much to put on the face with a thick layer in a configuration of heating (easier through gauze), and very dry - in a coldness. After 15-20 min, remove the cover, face bath with cool water. For dry and ordinary skin to cause fat cream. Masks can be done 2-3 minutes a week. Read more -->

Masks of milk yoghurt


We all know size a heartiness properties of dairy items. But this time, let's talk size the alone useful, tasty milk yoghurt. So, milk yoghurt - is a fermented milk item done by fermentation of recent fluid natural milk. The birthplace of this valuable product is Bulgaria. Organic yoghurt, namely a organic item recommended yoghurt face cover should not contain dyes and preservatives.

Facial skin cover is suitable for all face types.

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Covers of honey for normal face


A cover of honey and clay. By 1 teaspoonful of liquid honey add to 30-40 drops of lemon extract and about the size of 1 spoon of white clay. You can also throw in any cold-blooded water to a white slurry, which is applied to a face and neck with a spatula. Of the 25-30 minutes, wash off the mask with cool water, so wipe a facial skin with slices of grapefruit. Rounding out the procedure a any cold-blooded compresses. Create one cover once a 7 days.

Toning honey mask for aging facial skin, 2 tbsp. Read more -->

Masks carrot for the skin


Carrot curd refreshing cover. Mixed in equal proportions (1 spoon) recent cottage cheese, vegetable (olive, peach, or other), a butter, natural milk and carrot fresh juice. Rub the mix well and use on facial skin for 20 min, then create a soft compress.

Carrot refreshing mask. Grate two good carrots, slurry combine with 1-2 tsp. Of starch or freshly mashed potatoes and one egg yolk. A mix was put on well cleansed skin for 20 min, even layer. Read more -->

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