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Covers for ordinary face


This article is around a normal skin of a face, approximately how to put service of it. Face leaving, there are more a lot of variant methods, but this does not mean that all of these methods will bring maximum benefit skin. In this article I will try to uncover a basics of care about rule skin.

Masks for rule facial skin is just one of the tools that are also very effective can be creams, tonics and lotions. But before we go to a means to service, I would like to tell a little bit about the normal face, which is a type of skin, however it is various from a rest and care for it so a priority.

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Masks of carrots for dry facial skin


Facial skin masks:

Carrot mask. 1 tablespoon of grated carrot assorted with 1 soup spoon of oil (or soft natural milk), throw in 1 teaspoon of mealy. A cover is prepared just before use. Use the mixing to polish skin, keep for 15-20 min so Carefully wash off with gauze or a cotton swab moistened with h2o or strong tea.

Carrot cover for dull facial skin. Wet in carrot juice (1 to 1.5 spoon) a layer of cotton or gauze, a little squeeze and put on face for 15-20 minutes (if required, moisten the cloth again). Before the skin mask is recommended to wipe greasy fluid, cream or sour serum. Read more -->

Milk Cover


Option 1. Milk powder to mix with water to get a consistency of a thick paste. And this time, almond butter for the facial skin is much appropriate, however it can moisturize the skin is applied to the neck skin and face. When completely very dry Carefully wash with water.

Variant 2. Second approach mask means having to raw chicken egg mixed with milk. It is good if a egg is used, which was introduced in the home. Read more -->

Masks of corn facial


Hercules - porridge that can heal you, not alone within, but also so one of a ingredients of face covers, which can be made without difficulty at home, in a kitchen. We offer you with the best recipes of masks herculean meals that will improve your skin, the cover of corn may be used to razlitsnym face types by combining it with other useful components, such as honey.

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Covers almond for dry facial skin


Almond cover for dry skin is the basis which may comprise almond oil or almond cake cores are beneficial to the face of the aging body and face. By the method, almond butter can be used as a standalone tool for upkeep. Thanks to a lightness texture and big penetrating oil can penetrate to a basal layer of a epidermis and stimulate cell renewal. Almond cover and cream suitable for face of all types. For very dry skin, almond mask helps shine out skin wrinkles on the skin, especially around the eyes. Some options recipes are described below:

Almond mask. Read more -->

Coffee and curds scrub.


Almost the like however the previous formula. Instead of cedar butter, apply curd. Apply on face for 10-Fifteen minutes and rub the mix.

Scrub candy. To prepare a required five tablespoons of saccharose and a bag odnin serum. All combine and whisk. Gently massage a face proceeds and rinse with water.

Salty body scrub. Read more -->

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