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The apply of castor oil for a facial skin (mask)


For leaving of a skin is not recommended. But adding a few drops of oil in the normal fluid or a especial cleansing milk, as a effect you can get excellent soothing and moisturizing agent. Will be sufficient to enrich the special application of the serum by adding a few drops of butter - you will feel quite a serious difference and get a quick capacity.

Peach, olive and almond butter. And get similar affinity of sea buckthorn butter and rosehip.

In complete analogy with the butter fluid used to the face of 2 to 3 times per day. It need be noted that the mixture may be successfully used for a maintenance of the skin around a eye cover.

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Applications home masks for fase scrub

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As you know, there are procedures that are good applied in a afternoon, and any - in the evening, earlier bedtime. Exfoliation is the process that is best used earlier bedtime. Use the item to peel on a face and in a few minutes massaging the face with your fingers under the massotherapy lines. Be careful around the eyes clean face scrub can not! Upon completion of a recommended sluice off with heartwarming water and a means to apply a nourishing serum.

Watch the behavior of skin following peeling process, if a facial skin speedily calmed down and there is no redness, likely made in home scrub for the skin of the facial skin. But if you notice that a redness does not go in for long periods of time, feel that the skin is irritated, then in that case you perfect replace agent.

To apply a scrub for the feet and hands are slightly varied rules. Better to do peeling later bath when the facial skin to steam. Read more -->

Masks for combination skin

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In this article I will tell you everything we know about young face and what cover for any skin is good used. An important aspect in the maintenance of any skin is its production earlier applying cosmetic covers. Will also discuss various methods of upkeep at home for dry skin than facial skin masks.

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Covers of carrots for ordinary skin

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Carrot mask on a protein. Blend a grated carrot on a little grater medium size with beaten eggs 1 eggs, throw in 1 teaspoon of starch or natural milk powder. Use on facial skin for 20 minutes, rinse with warm h2o.

Carrot cover on oil. 1 soup spoon of grated carrot mix with 1 tablespoon of oil (or soft natural milk), add to 1 tsp. Of floury. A cover is prepared just earlier apply. Read more -->

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Milk Cover


Variation 1. Milk powder to mix with water to have a consistency of a thick paste. And this time, almond butter for the face is very appropriate, as it can moisturize the skin is applied to a neck and face. When completely dry sluice with water.

Variant 2. Second way mask means having to raw boiled egg assorted with natural milk. It is good if a boiled egg is used, which was introduced in the home. Read more -->

Jojoba oil for a facial skin or skin attention

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Probably not quite correct to call this butter - jojoba butter, because by and great, it is a liquid wax. But since everyone calls it that way, then we are going to avoid confusion of a start.

Ready jojoba oil has a favorable-yellow color, thick texture and liquidity at placement temperature (typically oil solidifies at ambient temperatures between 0 and below) and definitely not as nor smell.

Jojoba butter for a skin, specifically in cases where a skin is struck by acne, eczema, psoriasis and other face diseases.

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