Cover of potatoes.

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It boiled in the skins and mashed big potatoes throw in 1 teaspoonful of sour cream, natural milk, olive oil or glycerin. Apply mixing on a skin for 15-20 minutes, close a cloth. Following removing the mask to rinse with hot h2o, rub a lime blossom extract and use a cream for 30-40 min.

Potatoes and berry toning mask. Mashed pear mix with natural milk, add to 2-3 boiled potatoes. All closely mash with a spoon to a state of pulp, apply on polish face, in 20-Thirty minutes, rinse with heartwarming water.

Murphy and egg toning mask. Grate raw peeled potatoes, add a pinch of saline and 1 teaspoonful of natural milk powderise, mix up with 1/2 eggs, append a some drops of lemon nectar. Read more -->

Masks of flaxseed butter for dry facial skin

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Dry facial skin. In home care for facial skin flax seed butter may be used so a standalone tool or so an additional component in the different hydrating cover and face serum.

Linen myaska. 2 soup spoon of flax seed pour 2 cups of "aqua and make until mushy state. Resulting gravity in hot (done a layer of gauze), use on face and neck for 20 min. Rinse with soft h2o, then rinse with cold water. When enlarged vessels impose a cool cover and bath well with coldness water.

Linen mask for sensitive skin. Read more -->

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Natural milk Mask


Variation 1. Milk powder to blend with h2o to have the consistency of a thick paste. And this time, almond butter for a skin is very appropriate, as it may moisturize the skin is applied to a neck and face. When completely dry sluice with water.

Variation 2. Second way mask means having to raw fresh egg mix with milk. It is best if the chicken egg is used, which was introduced in the home. Read more -->

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