Covers for combination skin

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In this article I will tell you everything we know approximately dry facial skin and what cover for female face is best used. An momentous aspect in a care of dry face is its preparation before applying cosmetic covers. Will also discuss different methods of attention at home for female skin than facial skin masks.

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Coffee and cheese scrub.

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Almost the like as a previous recipe. Instead of cedar oil, apply curd. Use on face for 10-15 minutes and rub a mixture.

Scrub confection. To prepare a needed five soup spoon of sugar and a bag odnin serum. All blend and whisk. Gently massage your face proceeds and rinse with water.

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Covers carrot for any face

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Carrot curd refreshing cover. Mix in equal proportions (1 tablespoon) recent cheese, veg (olive, peach, or other), cow butter, milk and carrot breeding juice. Rub a mixture right and apply on face for 20 minutes, then do a warm compress.

Carrot refreshing mask. Grate two fresh carrots, slurry combine with 1-2 teaspoonful of starch or freshly mashed potatoes and one boiled egg. The mix was put on good cleansed skin for 20 min, even layer. Wash out off with heartwarming, then cold-blooded h2o.

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