Masks of natural honey for every skin

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Honey and curd cover chuvstaggelnoy skin. 1 tsp. Of curd mash with a spoon with a same capacity of fluent honey and add to 2 tsp. Of grape juice. Mixture thickly greased face and following 10-15 minutes umpsya cold-blooded aqua.

Natural honey Cover with persimmon for aging flabby facial skin. Mix 1 tsp. Read more -->

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Milk Cover


Variant 1. Milk powderise to mix with aqua to have a consistency of a thick paste. And this time, almond oil for the facial skin is very appropriate, how it can moisturize a skin is used to the neck and face. When completely very dry wash out with water.

Option 2. Second way cover means having to raw boiled egg mixed with natural milk. It is good if a egg is used, which was introduced in the home. Read more -->

Covers of concoctions for young skin

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Rigotovleniya cover powder concoctions (4 g) was assorted with 3% hydrogen peroxide resolution iym or 2% Nomm boric acid solution (1 teaspoon to 0.5 cups of water) to shape a pasty gravity, and after 2-3 min, when a mix begins foam, rubbing the facial skin, avoiding the eye area with the fingers (a rubber glove), a cotton swab or a shaving brushing and leave for 20-30 minutes before drying. Mask of concoctions washing heartwarming, then rinse with cool aqua so desiccated the face with a napkin. Of the a proceedings, you should not go out in a cold for 1.5 - 2 hours to prevent colds.

Covers of concoctions done 2 times a week for 70-10 sessions.

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Natural honey Cover for Very dry Skin

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Masks and face care covers of honey in the summer, natural honey forms thin film that prevents evaporation.

A cover of honey. Mix 2 teaspoon of honey, 1 soup spoon strong brewed tea (one tsp. Of watter brewed in a quarter cup of boiling water, leave for 30 - 40 minutes, drain), 2 soup spoon of corn and 1-2 tablespoons of aqua. The resulting weight is good rub and warmed in a h2o bath. Use to face with a thick layer, cover with a paper jack-towel and a towel. After 15-20 minutes, rinse with cool water.

A mask of honey for sluggish skin. Read more -->

Recipes for skin masks

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On our website you can find lots of useful recipes of covers and other folk remedies for facial skin service in a home. We enjoy tried to assemble easy to use recipes of accessible ingredients.

Skin type. For the rightly effect, try not perederzhivat mask on a facial skin and wash it recommended boiled or mineral water, also fared correctly in this process extracts from herbs. Crane Rule water can aggravate the situation.

How to use the cover to the facial skin.

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Masks for rule face.

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Covers for rule facial skin often carry multiple affinity, nutrition, cleansing and protection with adverse impacts. Components for masks used to a normal type of facial skin: fresh fruits, natural milk, cheese, raw vegetables, and other foods. If you should to prevent a outside of wrinkles, so you will be added to the appropriate skin cover egg and cow butter.

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